ENG // finally, it's time to say some closing words after seven weeks of Vans Warped Tour. a first shoutout goes out to mr. kevin lyman, the founder and head of warped tour. we want to scream THANK YOU til our throats hurt because he made this crazy summer possible for us at all. with the beatport-stage focussing on electronic driven acts warped tour has created a place for bands like us to feel at home in a festival that already spreads through all the genres of popculture but still is, thank god, hardcore and guitar driven. at our short trip to warped madness in 2012 we already fell in love with the friendly, almost family-like vibes surrounding the tour and the euphoric, open-minded audiences all over the united states. coming back this year only to find out that everything we loved back then got bigger, better and brighter in the USA and canada will go down as one of the defining points of us as a band and as human beings. for about seven weeks and 35 shows we've been surrounded by new friends that we quickly started calling our family, amazing artists, legends of our own music history, the best stage-crew a band could ever want and a rock'n'roll circus on wheels that we're never ever going to forget. every dancing kid and every smiling grown ass man in front of our stage, at our improvised comic-signings or at the fence after the show made this summer what it was for us and we'll be grateful for that forever. we came back to germany with a hundred songs in our minds and a lot of stories to squeeze some bangers out of, so beware of whatever may come next from the haus of capa. the only thing we know for sure right now is: we sure as hell will be back. maybe sooner than you'd like to think.